Welcome to our Jasper County Health Department website. We have a lot of information to share on this site about our three departments - Nursing, Environmental Health and Behavioral Health. We have also added many links for you to access with more health information.

We have been providing health services to Jasper County residents since 1975. We started with a staff of three and now have 29 employees who are dedicated to providing services to our residents. In the 1980's we started a federal and a state program in Richland County, allowing us to serve those residents who qualify for WIC and Family Case Management.

Since we are moving toward the premise that all Jasper County residents will have either health insurance or Medicaid, our nursing and behavioral health departments are credentialed and have contracts with several insurance companies.

Nursing Services can bill Medicaid, Medicare and just recently your health insurance for lab services. If you pay for your lab yourself or have a high deductible, you will want to check out our low prices. 

Behavioral Health Division accepts Medicaid and insurance. Many health department programs offer an adjusted fee for services based on family size and household income.

We are funded by many sources, including federal grants, state grants, fees, interest, and a health department tax levy. The state grants make up 39% of our budget. The fees account for 24% and includes permits, services and payments from occupational nursing contracts. The federal grants makes up 25% of our budget and local taxes account for 12%.

Behavioral Health staff are receiving training and will soon be Certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Another new program they offer is Domestic Violence assessment and treatment.

Nursing Services continues to work with businesses to provide Drug and Breath Alcohol testing for DOT and non-DOT.

We continue to work toward our mission statement to improve and enhance the health of all residents, and to promote activities that will lead to a more productive and satisfactory lifestyle, which in turn will produce a positive mental and physical condition.