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All Ages... All Concerns
Medicaid Certified
Mental Health Programs / CARF Accredited
Licensed by and funded in part by Department of Human Services Offices of Mental Health and Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health Services are offered through individual, family, or couples sessions. Staff provide therapy, counseling, and case management. Groups can be available for women, adolescents, children, court ordered clients, parenting, stress management, and eating disorders, as well as other concerns. Screening services assist those in need of inpatient care.

Qualified and experienced staff can help children, adolescents and adults with emotional difficulties or mental illness. Services are tailored to individual need. Frequently treated problems include depression, anxiety and low self esteem, but also include a wide array of services for other difficulties. Licensed by the office of Mental Health and certified by Medicaid.

Dr. Linda Hungerford provides monthly visits for medication assessment and treatment for those individuals requiring psychotropic medication or other specialized assessment. Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance can be billed for these services.

Mental health case management services are supportive services intended to assist individuals in accessing mental health and other services in the community in order to: 1) achieve and maintain stability: 2) avoid unnecessary inpatient hospitalizations: 3) retain ties with the community during necessary hospitalizations: and 4) to improve the level of functioning. Priorities for case management services are directed toward those with serious mental illnesses who need a higher level of assistance in order to remain successfully in the community. Case management includes services and supports (e.g. substance abuse treatment, public entitlements, housing, education, vocational, social and medical care).

The Crisis Emergency Response System provides immediate response to individuals in mental health crisis, to members of the individual's support system, and the community 24 hours a day, 365 days-a year. Crisis services are immediately available, and are provided in safe and secure settings in the individual's community. Crisis services include telephone response (911), availability on a walk-in basis, or provided in locations such as the sheriff's department or other secure settings. Brief and immediate counseling is provided, often stabilizing the situation until other arrangements can be made, either to a less restrictive setting if the individual is willing to participate in outpatient counseling, or to more restrictive setting if the individual is assessed as meeting criteria for in-patient treatment. Immediate access to psychiatric consultation is also available at all times.

When several clients have similar presenting problems and have been deemed appropriate and willing to participate in group counseling, a group is established. Most groups are open-ended: that is new clients may enter and old clients may leave as the group progresses. Due to this changing and flexible nature, groups come and go, depending on client need.

This program is licensed by the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Clients are seen individually and/or in group setting to address chemical abuse and dependency.

Due to funding/licensing from Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, the following people are given priority; pregnant women who use IV drugs, pregnant and postpartum women, IV drug users, people eligible for TANF, DCFS referrals, other women and children, TASC referrals and Department of Corrections releases who have completed a prison treatment program

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Clients who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence may receive their Evaluation, and if needed, an Update. In addition, they may then enter the Risk Education course to complete their required ten hours. If further counseling is indicated, they can attend either of two Substance Abuse groups. A similar arrangement is made for those charged with Illegal Consumption or related charges.

JCHD has a contract with Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to serve clients referred by their agency, including persons who are victims of sexual abuse, perpetrators of the crime, and/or their family members, as well as other family-oriented issues.

This program set up by DMHDD and DCFS, serves clients who are wards of the State, or who are at risk of becoming wards. These services are designed to help to child remain in his/her own community in spite of possible serious emotional difficulties. Due to the nature of the problems experienced by these children and their families, SASS services are provided much more frequently and at a more intensive level than regular counseling, and are usually provided in the child's residence.

This program was set up by state regulations and at the direction of our local circuit court. It was designed for divorcing couples who have minor children. It is a one-time, 4 hour education session held with both parents to help them understand the effects of divorce on themselves, and especially their children, in an effort to minimize the negative effects on all family members.

Mental health assessment, planning and treatment tailored specifically for children and adolescents age 0 to 18 and their families.

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              Family Time - http://bblocks.samhsa.gov/family/time/tips.aspx

JCHD works in conjunction with area universities to provide hands-on mental health counseling experience for their students through internships and practicum. Each semester, interns spend time with staff to learn the basics of community mental health, and also carry a small caseload to enhance their counseling skills. Although most frequently the interns are enrolled in the Educational Psychology Department at Eastern Illinois University, we have also had students from other EIU programs, as well as from Indiana State University, JCHD interns have often gone on to become JCHD employees. In addition, EIU grants tuition waivers for hours logged by interns, which enables current employees to take free graduate courses.

Fees For Services

Some fees are based on a sliding scale, determined by household income and family size. Some fees are flat rates.  Clients are expected to pay for services. Donations are welcomed, and tax-exempt status information will be provided to all contributors.

Open Monday through Friday 8 - 4:30
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Hearing Impaired Persons with a TTY machine may reach us
through the Illinois Relay System by dialing 711

24 Hour Emergency Services
 Phone 911 or (618) 783-8477

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