Jasper County
Health Department
106 E. Edwards St.
Newton, IL 62448
Mon. - Fri.
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Late appointments for other services will be scheduled as needed.
(618) 783-4436

(618) 783-4154

(618) 783-5206
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  Staff can be reached by calling (618) 783-4154 or e-mail staff by typing the name from third column @jasperhealth.org
Staff Member’s Name Area of Expertise / Title E-mail at jasperhealth.org
Linda Hungerford, M.D. Consulting Psychiatrist not available
Ryan Jennings, M.D. Substance Abuse Medical Director not available
Jeannie Johnson, M.S.,
C.A.D.C., L.C.P.C., L.P.H.A., Q.M.H.P.
Behavioral Health Director jjohnson
Stacey Ping, M.S., L.C.P.C., N.C.C., L.P.H.A., Q.M.H.P.  Therapist sping
Kristin Koerner, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.C.,  Q.M.H.P. Therapist/SA Counselor kkoerner
Caitlin Chapman, B.S., M.H.P. Substance Abuse Counselor cchapman
Stephanie McGuire, B.A., M.H.P. Therapist smcguire
Lawisha Campbell, M.S., L.P.C., Q.M.H.P Therapist lcampbell
Alison Kuhl, B.S., M.H.P. Secretary akuhl
Erin Frichtl Secretary efrichtl

MHP = Mental Health Professional
QMHP = Qualified Mental Health Professional
LCPC = Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
NCC = National Certified Counselor
CADC = Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
MISA II = Mental Illness/Substance Abuse Counselor


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