** Note - These staff members work in our Richland County WIC office and may be reached by phone at 618-392-3226
To email staff members, type the email name plus @jasperhealth.org

Nursing Staff

  • Director of Nursing 
              Sandra Zumbahlen, R.N., B.S.N.   Email: szumbahlen
  • Program Director 
              Christy Gentry, R.N., B.S.N. Email: cgentry
  • WIC / Family Case Management 
              Lori Smith, R.N. Email: lsmith
  • Clerical / Lab Billing / Drug Alcohol Screening Consortium Membership 
              Donna Dhom, R.N. Email: ddhom
  • WIC / Family Case Management 
              **Debbie Doan, R.N. Email: ddoan 
  • WIC / Family Case Management 
              Mandy Reiman, R.N. Email: mrieman
  • Occupational Health Nursing / WIC / Family Case Management 
              Jenny Frichtl, R.N. Email: jfrichtl
  • WIC / Family Case Management 
              Amanda Webster, R.N. Email: awebster
  • Clerical / Immunizations / Lab Billing / Drug-Alcohol Screen Consortium
              Melanie Ochs, A.S. Email: mochs
  • Clerical / WIC / Family Case Management / HK Billing 
              Lynn Inyart,  A.S.  Email: linyart
  • Clerical / WIC / Family Case Management / Drug-Alcohol Screen Consortium / Lead
            Tammy Ochs Email: tochs
  • Clerical / WIC / Family Case Management
             **Julie Angle Email: jangle
  • WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor 
              **Crystal Singer, B.S. Email: csinger
  • WIC / Family Case Management
              **Ashley Zumbahlen Email: azumbahlen